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Things I'm Loving Friday

Happy Friday!!!  The list lover in me had to share the following, random assortment of things that I'm in love with lately. 

Craft Base Layer

This thing is AWESOME.  Designed to layer under your jersey, it's job is to keep you dry and cool during hot rides.  I was pretty skeptical at first, but then I wore it on a 90+ degree ride and was more than pleasantly surprised.  I wasn't all gross and sweaty when I finished my ride and I didn't overheat either.  I've even been wearing it in mild conditions where my rides start off a little cool, but warm up quickly and it's been awesome!!! (If you're in the Atlanta area, come check them out at Peachtree Bikes!)

Creeping Phlox

The little bed of purple flowers was actually planted last Spring.  I watched it survive the worst Winter we've had in awhile and when the weather got warmer, these flowers started popping up.  I actually had forgotten what it was since I usually plant annuals and forget about them after September.  I noticed it in some of my neighbor's yards and was reminded that it's creeping phlox.  This stuff is awesome, pretty and low maintenance!  It may see an appearance in our new landscaping job in the coming weeks, too!

Neutrogena ULTRA Calming Face Wash

My poor face has been suffering from this really cold Winter and drying out like crazy.  Combine that with a little bit of Rosacea and "porcelain" skin and you've got a recipe for disaster.  Well, maybe not disaster, but really dry and sometimes painful skin.  I've started seeing a new dermatologist for help with it all and she gave me a little sample of this stuff.  It's fantastic and really helped!


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