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Compare & Contrast

God, it's so easy for me to bitch about how much I miss about Georgia. I then quickly remind myself to shut the hell up and simply look around. I'm 6 months post-move and straddling the line between being settled and still feeling so UNsettled. This post is dedicated to the moments I have where I miss something from Georgia, then immediately find myself in awe of where I stand at that very moment. I miss: The sound of cicadas and crickets Pimento cheese Those random ,"What are you up to? Let's grab dinner", texts Fireflies Southern accents...all of them! Peach picking Being withing driving distance of the beach My old "go to" bike routes Sweetwater beer The smell of rain on a hot summer day My tribe Sitting at my best friend's kitchen counter, watching her cook and catching up Dukes Mayo Bitching about traffic Waffle House at my finger tips Humidity . . . just kidding. I don't miss that shit at ALL. I love: My bike shop Wi

6 Months

6 months ago today I arrived at almost 9,000 feet on top of a mountain in a snow storm in negative temps with a raging cold and a little bit of hanger (hungry/anger for those unaware). I was home and it felt nothing like it.  There wasn't much that was unexpected my first few days and weeks here: loneliness, altitude adjustment, lots of tears, SNOW, pure fear, more snow, gorgeous surroundings... Between those early days in January and now I've gotten used to this new place and settled into a routine. I live in my first grown up apartment. I run a bike shop and that place fulfills me. I live 5 minutes from miles of gorgeous trails. I've enjoyed many a brewery mixed with a few hikes and a couple of bike rides. I've continued to do things that scare going to breweries alone knowing no one and sticking out like a sore thumb. I've learned to bring a jacket everywhere I go and that what I thought was bi-polar weather in Georgia doesn't hold a candl