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Take Off the Kid Gloves!

I've been away! Work has me busy and I got to travel to California last week for a little bit of "work" and a little bit of play, so I'm just now trying to catch up on life.  Missed y'all... Last week I attended Specialized Bicycles annual dealer event. This is where dealers are educated on all the brand new products and ideas for the upcoming sales year. I was out 2 years ago in Utah and this year the event was held in Monterey, CA! That's a stone's throw from my birthplace and family...I HAD to go, right?! I can't not get almost giddy when surrounded by the sport that I'm passionate about along with 600 other people who have that same passion. We sit through presentations, go through the trade show and meet other dealers to talk about business trends, etc. It's a big ole bike lovin' week (with beer included) and it's heaven in my eyes.  So after the women's product presentation, the question of whether I was offended by how wo