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I'm gonna be honest with you. This week I've come close to quitting. To giving up on this entire adventure. To saying, "Thanks for all the support, y'all, but this isn't happening.". To succumbing to all of those negative thoughts and fears and massive anxiety that I'm facing. My body and my mind are tired. I'm not even halfway to my financial goal. I've got a million things yet to figure out. And...I'm scared shitless that I will fail Noah and Naomi and every single person who has supported us thus far. This is part of the journey, I'm told. Facing the days when I question my sanity, my physical ability and whether or not I can scrounge up the financial support I've promised the Kyle Pease Foundation . My buddy tells me to enjoy the days I want to quit. That they end up being the best days because once I get through them, I'll be better for it. He would know. He does some pretty big stuff ... So, I didn't qu


Lots of things have started to happen as we are staring down our Big Adventure , so I figured I share and update here for those of you following along. Training I've officially moved over to 6 days of riding a week. I do a mix of trainer rides to target specific goals and rides outside. Up mountains. My coach takes exactly ZERO shit, which I need and am grateful for. Trailer We took our maiden voyage (sans Noah) up Lookout Mountain last Friday. For reference, Lookout is a 4.3 mile climb at an average grade of 6% with 1,700 feet of climbing. Remember that one time when I said I didn't climb? I do now. The following day I tried to add a measly 10 pounds to the trailer at an attempt to do a different route. I'm not sure if it was my body that felt beat down, my bike not having enough gears or just being exhausted or some combo of all of those, but it DID NOT GO WELL. I gave up, turned around and was pissed at myself. I got up the next day, put that trailer (appropri