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Grenada - Trip in Review

We had a fabulous time in Grenada! How can you not, though? The weather was great even though they had just started their rainy season, the island was beautiful and rich in history and the people were absolutely lovely. This was a trip that didn't necessarily meet our expectations (we wanted LOTS of beach), but it also gave us some pleasant surprises. I've learned that being flexible on vacation can lead to some great things! Grenada isn't a big country and there's literally one U.S. flight that arrives to the island per day so we started and ended our trip with 7+ hour layovers in the beautiful Miami Airport. *thank GOD for the admirals club!* We had a great, relaxing first few days where we lounged by the pool and drank and ate all we wanted! Gotta love an all inclusive. On day 4, the air conditioner in our room went kaput and we were upgraded to the most amazing room we've ever stayed in!! Fourth floor with a separate bedroom and infinity pool on the b


We just got back from an awesome holiday in the lovely country of Grenada.  We're currently experiencing "back to reality depression" as we're back to the real world of laundry, work and all of those other "grown up" things we're supposed to do. I'm going to do my best to do a few blog posts about our 11 day adventure complete with pictures!  I've got just over 1,000 to sift through, so bare with me. Here are some highlights though: - After 3 days of a broken air conditioner, we were upgraded to an absolutely GORGEOUS room complete with infinity pool.  On the 4th floor.  They aren't joking around at Sandals La Source Grenada! - We had another fabulous sail boat charter.  It was just J, myself and the 2 crew members on a beautiful boat called the Timshell.   - Grenada is so rich in history and we learned all about it on a day long tour of the entire island!  I'm talking rum distillery tours, waterfalls in the rain forest, fruit g


Thanks for hanging out during this fun 10 Day YOU "Challenge".  This is the last day:   ONE Picture This was taken on our engagement trip to Jamaica in December of 2011.  It was the last night of this whirlwind adventure and I remember being so over the moon excited for what our future held!  If you're reading this, we should be in paradise currently.  Still as excited as ever.  Still filled with excitement about our future...we just happen to share the same last name now.   Stay tuned for pictures when we return!!

TWO Songs

You and Me by Dave Matthews Our song.  The one that seemed to play the entire Summer we first started dating.  5 years ago this July.  Our wedding song.  Perfection. Fancy by Iggy Azalea My official Summer song for 2014.  It makes me wanna turn it up and dance!

Three Films

1.   Cinderella.  Not sure you can call that a film, but dear GOD I love that freaking movie.  The Disney one of course.  Glass slippers, ball gowns, pumpkin carriages, mice friends...  When, I list that stuff out it sounds quite weird.  Either way, I LOVE a good fairy tale and this has been my favorite since about 4.  It was THE movie that I watched over and over and over again as a little one. 2.   Legends of the Fall.   It's a long one, but worth it.  This is one of those movies that takes you on a journey.  I loved the dynamic way all of the characters evolve. 3.   Napolean Dynamite.  Not really Oscar worthy, but one of those stupid cult classics that I just think is great.  A movie with no cursing and no sex is rare nowadays.  I also happen to be able to recite half the lines from it...

Four Books

1.   Eat, Pray, Love.   Elizabeth Gilbert.  This is actually the first book I got that got me hooked on reading again.  I couldn't put this story of a woman's pretty ballsy journey in Italy, India and Indonesia.  Well worth the time to read it....great insight! 2.  Bossy Pants.   Tina Fey.  I've read some funny books, but this one had me hysterically LOL'ing while simultaneously crying during a flight back from California.  It was a random airport buy (I liked the orange cover) and is one of my favorite books.  I want to be Tina Fey's BFF.  3. T he Kitchen House.  Kathleen Grissom.  This is one of the only books that didn't come recommended by a friends, but was chosen by yours truly based on reviews.  It's one of those books that sucks you in resulting in a quick read because you simply can't put it down.  Not an easy read necessarily, but a GREAT one! 4.   East of Eden.  John Steinbeck.  I love this man.  I love his work and I lo

Five Foods - Well, This Will Be EASY!

1. Mac and cheese.  I prefer my own home made, but will KILL a box of Kraft.  Don't hate on that blue box, y'all. 2.   Potatoes in pretty much any form.  French fries are my #1, but I love them mashed, roasted, as pancakes, baked, as chips.  You get the idea. 3.   Sour Patch Kids.  We rarely go to the movies, but when we do I've gotta have my little yellow bag of kids.  And not the knock off version either.   4.   Broccoli.  Because I had to put something healthy on this list and because I've been in love with this veggie since infancy (or that's what my mom's told me).  It's my go-to veggie! 5.   Cheeseburgers.  Like, the good ones.  Well cooked, great cheese, perfectly toasted bun...yes!  I don't have a favorite place here in Atlanta, however, I am open to suggestions.

SIX Places

Happy Friday, y'all!  Let's continue our the YOU Challenge, shall we?  This is one that will not be difficult and one I've been excited to post about! SIX Places 1.   Jamaica.  Our surprise engagement trip and my first trip out of the country.  Absolute perfection! 2.   California.  I was born there and haven't lived there since I was 6, but it will forever be home to me.  My family and so many amazing memories are there.  <3 3.   England.  My family is English and while I haven't been, it holds so many sweet stories and an entire side of my family I haven't met (yet - planning a trip in Winter!). 4.   Antigua.  We spent 14 days of pure paradise on our honeymoon. 5.   Georgia.   Where we met, married and have our first home.  The place my husband was born and raised.  Where I met my very best friend in the world.  Where Frank was born.  ;-)  H-O-M-E 6.   Grenada.  We have a trip planned in less than a week!  Never been before, but super pu


If you've been missing for a bit, I've decided to do the Ten Day YOU Challenge.  I love sharing things and thought it would be a good exercise in regularly blogging.  :-) SEVEN Wants 1.  A content home one is ever happy all the time.  I'd like to continue to say that our life in our little home is perfectly content and on the upside of happy! 2.  A family.  I've always known I've wanted a husband and little ones, so we're laying the foundation for that one day. 3.  Another dog...WHY AM I SAYING THIS?!  Because I do.  Frank needs a friend, y'all.  4.  The ability to retire.  Planning, saving and more planning! 5.  To be able to travel more.  Not necessarily more frequently, but I'd love to be able to continue crossing places off of our bucket list.  We're doing pretty well so far! 6.  A new bike.  Shh....I haven't really talked to J about this.  ;-) 7.  To continuously strive to be better.  If we aren't trying to impro

It's Been SIX Months?!

Taking a quick break from my YOU Challenge.  Don't worry, it'll be back tomorrow!  ;-) Today is sort of a weird one because it was six months ago tonight that we lost our shop.  I have those feelings of, "it feels like only yesterday" while at the same time thinking, "we're a world away from that night".   Sometimes, it feels downright silly to be a little emotional about a place.  But I don't mind being silly and anyone who knows me knows I can be a bit emotional.  The memories of what I jokingly call Peachtree Bikes Buckhead Version 1.0 are bittersweet.  They only occasionally come flooding back when I hear a song that always played on our XM radio or see an old familiar face that's popping in to "check out the place".  I miss the old space and things are different, but I hear change is good. :-) Those emotions aren't as raw as they were six months ago and we've come so far.  I jokingly feel like I can't really re


Continuing with the "challenge" :   EIGHT Fears 1.  Heights.  6'1" and PETRIFIED of heights... 2.  Failure. 3.  Ants...less of a fear and more of a creepy, crawly, make me jump around kinda thing. 4.  Crowds of new people.  I'm SUPER awkward! 5.  Drowning in a Tsunami....while I realize this is pretty unlikely, still a fear. 6.  My teeth falling out.  Like, all at the same time.  Anyone else have those weird nightmares?! 7.  Loosing all I've worked so hard for. 8.  No blog readers.  :-D

NINE Loves

Yesterday, I started a fun, 10 Day Challenge . Here's Day 2! NINE Loves Justin ...almost 5 years together and I'm more in love with this guy than ever. Family (this does NOT represent all of them!) I forever wish we lived closer to some of the best people I know!! My Bestie There are a MILLION words to describe this lovely lady, but my favorite is BEAUTY! Frank How can you NOT love those ears?! Workin' at Peachtree Bikes 3 Years at this place and the last 6 months have been the craziest!  Thankful to have a job that I love and challenges me. Travel We've been to some beautiful places and have so many more trips planned!  Life is wonderful traveling with people you love. Our Home Our first place together!  We're blessed beyond measure to have a place to call "home". Wine Because, duh. Macaroni and Cheese I think if I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life, this would be it.

10 Day "You" Challenge - Day 1

I recently saw this on another blog and thought I'd join in the fun! So, today I share TEN Secrets/Truths: 1. I have a random fear that reaching my arms over my head in a room with a ceiling fan will result in my losing my hands. 2.  I am 6'1" and am petrified of heights.  Random, I know. 3.  If I could eat carbs EVERY day without any health or weight consequences I would.  Potatoes, pasta, bread...yum! 4.  I've never been ice skating or rollerblading.  Ever.   5.  I LOVE terrible, trashy, "reality" TV.  6.  My engagement story is one of the best ever (I may be a bit partial) and I really wish more people would ask, "How did you get engaged?" 7.  If I won the lottery, I'd pay off all my bills and never tell anyone. 8.  I had to delete Candy Crush off my phone because I was afraid I'd become one of "those" people who started paying out the wazoo for "extra lives". 9.  I'm a constant worrier.   10.  I