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A Week to Say Thanks: Frank Edition

While I strive daily to say "thank you" and express my gratitude for all of the people & things in my life, it's only appropriate to have a daily post the week of Thanksgiving.  **side note: I also found time to sit in front of my computer and actually (gasp!) blog**

Quite honestly, my little brain has been in constant overdrive the last few weeks thinking and thinking and thinking about my life, my purpose, my career, my family...the list goes on.  And in all of that time spent "thinking", I sometimes find myself wishing certain things were different or better.  My wardrobe needs an update, my house has a ton of projects that need to be completed, etc. etc.  When these little thoughts appear, I quickly snap myself back into reality by saying, "Seriously?  Look around you and think of where you were 1, 5, 10 years ago...LIFE IS GREAT."

So, I've been on this kick to remind myself daily how truly blessed I am and to look around and be thankful for all of it...even if it isn't "perfect".  

Speaking of being not so perfect...I sure am thankful for this guy:

Frank.  I can't believe that this picture was taken by a good friend of mine and talented photog just one year ago.  Frank was my long awaited furry pal as I had desperately wanted a dog for years since losing my sweet boy, Joe in 2006.  So we got Frank.  All signs pointed to him:  a corgi/lab mix (we were really loving corgis at the time), found on the corner of Franklin & Delk Roads here in Atlanta (I wanted a boy named Frank) and he was found on our wedding day, November 4, 2012.  It was DESTINY!

Funny how little plans can sometimes back fire on you.  While it was my goal in life to get Frank as my companion, cuddle bunny and best fur friend, J wasn't as thrilled.  Well, the little #?*! took no time to find his person and that person is not me, y'all.  

J & Frank are BFF's.  For real.  If I'm on the couch and Frank happens to be snuggling and J sits's game over for mama.  Frank has his little spot on the left side of J and won't move unless he has to.  While I'm a bit disappointed that I don't have my cuddle bunny and Frank would much rather hang with his dad than me, I really can't imagine life without him.

He love walks and car rides.  He LOVES bigger dogs because we're convinced he thinks he's one of them.  He cannot have a soft or stuffed toy ever because it will be demolished in 14 seconds flat.  I wish I was kidding.

We've found out the hard way some of his favorite things, like:

And Wine Corks
And bones, and steaks off the counter (who knew he could reach?!) and sticks and raw broccoli...Frank. LOVES. EVERYTHING.  Seriously, we joke that everything is his favorite thing.  

He's a really happy dog and makes us laugh just about daily.  While he seems to have the same facial expression at all times, you can tell how he feels based on the perkiness of his ears and how fast his tail wags.  He's become a little celebrity on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I can't help but take pictures of him!  These are some of my favorites:

Seriously, how can you NOT laugh at that face?!
I posted a few months back that he's the most adorable, frustrating, hilarious, infuriating, funny thing in our lives and it's so true.  Frank is a really big part of our little family.  We can't imagine life without him.

Even if mama and Frank cuddle moments are a rarity:

"Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail." 


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