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Ladies Night Success!

A couple weeks ago, I told ya about Ladies Night at the bike shop I work in.  Well, it finally happened last Friday and was a success! 

Going into the night, we had about 50 people who had RSVP'd on our Facebook page.  I wasn't really sure what to expect and my biggest fear was that there would be a lot of standing around/dead silence/no fun/boredom.  Did we have enough food and beverages?  Are we going to be on time?  Am I as prepared as I think I am?  Is this going to be fun?  WHY IS IT SO HOT IN HERE?!??!

We ended up having about 35-40 gals all-in-all and everyone seemed to have a good time.  We served cheese & crackers, fruit & nuts, wine & beer and they were all a big hit!  I think we hit the nail on the head with the ladies when it came to the refreshments.  I had scheduled 4 "mini-clinics" of various presenters and we quickly got off schedule...we didn't even start the first presenter on time!  Oops.  It worked out, though, because some people had shorter presentations which really smoothed things out.

There was a definite sense of community that night in that we were all united in the same passion whether it be a novice or expert.  We could talk and laugh about things that may not be super comfortable for us to talk to guys about.  I think we have the "wheels spinning" so to speak that we support the female cyclist and encourage camaraderie within our gender.

I have to say I'm pretty proud of it.  My boss and I definitely have some things we would change and other things that we wouldn't touch for next year.  Yes, there will be a next year and that's a victory in itself!

Here are just a few pics from the evening:


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