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Wedding Week! - Engagement

I figured we could start Monday off with a look at our engagement which was in December of 2011.  It still feels like a fairy tale and nothing I could have hoped or dream for.  I'm a lucky gal and this story is just too good not to share!!

Thursday, December 8th I got home from work to find a note on our guest room door saying "NO Entry".  I asked what the heck that was doing on the door and Justin told me that my Christmas gifts were in there and he didn't have time to wrap them.  I grumbled a bit, but we had made plans to go see Woody Allen's 'Midnight in Paris', so we had to go.  The movie, by the way, is actually good and suggested!  Anyway, we get home, drink some wine and go to bed early because we had work the next day.

Friday, December 9th I half woke up to smell bacon cooking which is weird because all we have for breakfast during the week is eggs, but my alarm didn't go off, so I didn't care.    Next thing I know, Justin walks into the room and I open one eye to see he'd shaved his winter beard.  "Did you shave?"  He hands me a card, says "I love you" and walks out of the room.  OK.  So I  sit up and open an orange envelope that has a note card with our first picture on it.  In it is a note that says something to the effect of "you don't have to work today as I've spoken to your boss and I think we should go on an adventure."  WHAT?!  So I walk out of our room to find 3 suitcases that had been packed and sitting in our living room with bows on them.  He had breakfast (with mimosas included!) waiting for me and told me not to worry because he had packed everything.  "Well, what about this?!" or "What about that?!"  He thought of EVERYTHING.

A limo picked us up and took us to the airport a couple hours later...I had ZERO idea as to where we were going until we got the Airtran desk.  Montego Bay, JAMAICA?!  Where there for a WEEK?! Well, this is the best surprise on the face of the planet!!!

We land in Jamaica and Sandals Royal Caribbean where we are greeted and ushered into the "concierge room".  The nice guy tells us about a room and the people that will be helping us out, offers me champagne which I gladly take and then introduces us to a nice guy named Khalil.  Khalil proceeds to show us to our SWIM UP room with Jacuzzi.  Then shows us around the this point, I catch myself saying "I think I'm going to crap my pants...this is unbelievable!!"

We spent the next couple of days living in paradise not caring what time it is or even what day it was...our focuses were only what the most comfy beach chair was, where we were going to eat and which fun, frozen drink we'd enjoy.  We walked around on Saturday night and I found myself in tears because it was so beautiful...I remember thinking that "These are truly some of the best moments of my life."  I was so grateful to even be standing there in a place that I'd wished to go to, but never was quite sure if I'd be able to.

Monday, came around and we spent a ton of time at the beach and the pool-side bar and even met some new friends who had just gotten married.  I knew we had reservations for dinner that night (like we always did), but Justin just kept saying "I dunno where they are...they just arranged it."  Whatever. "What do I wear?"

"How about that red dress?"

So I get ready and we head out to dinner...I had noticed the nights previous how they do those candle-lit beach side dinners and thought it was cute and romantic.  Well, we walk up to our own private beach with a dinner beautifully set and candles everywhere.  I thought it was so sweet and, as I went to sit down, Justin says "What does it say in the sand?"  I'm thinking I dunno, "Justin <3's Helen"?  Then I realized that it said "Will You Marry Me?" I turned around to Justin on one knee where he asked me to be his wife.  I said yes pretty much immediately and through tears.  It was the perfect moment.

We spent the rest of the week in paradise soaking in every moment that we could knowing we'd come back to the busy holiday season and wedding planning.

We're going to end 2012 as Mr. & Mrs. Easterly.  To say this feels like a fairy tale is a bit of an understatement.  I think every girl hopes for that fairy tale engagement and Lord knows I did.  I just never knew if it'd ever happen.  To know that someone loves me enough to plan for MONTHS just to ask me to marry him humbles me.  I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a man like Justin want to spend the rest of his life with me.

So...that's the story.  Perfect in every way if you ask me.

Check out the pictures from our engagement and from our little Sandals "photo shoot"!


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