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Apartment 103

This weekend I got the keys to my apartment. The one I mentioned before that will be the first apartment I've had as an adult with exactly zero help from rent hook ups from buddies or the need for roommates. After getting said keys and doing a quick walk through, I'm really REALLY missing those hookups.

I knew before coming out here that the rental and housing market in Denver sucks. I was fully prepared for the sticker shock and unavailability and wait lists that were all coming my way. So when I looked at this place (the 8th apartment I looked at in one day), I felt the need to say, "yes". It was the most affordable, best laid out, biggest place in a decent and convenient area. You should have seen some of the places I looked at! I also knew if I waited, I'd probably loose it and would be back at square one in my search. 

I'm going to complain here, so move on to the next paragraph if you want positivity and sunshine: the place isn't great. It's old and been "remodeled" which means paint, carpet and new cabinet doors. I have no living room furniture (see previous hook ups) and no idea where to store the boxes of shit that are made for a house (see previous marriage). It's tiny. I purged before I left Atlanta....SO. MUCH. SHIT. But there are some things I refuse to get rid my awesome kitchen aid mixer gifted to me from my best friend. It doesn't fit in tiny apartments, so it's been in a box waiting for it's big day on a kitchen counter. Well, that bitch is going to have to wait awhile longer it appears. Colorado doesn't do "central air conditioning" which, as a Georgia girl used to AC units that run like a boss, I'm a bit skeptical when I'm told, "opening the windows will circulate the air and you'll be fine with a couple of fans." (I'll let ya know how that works come July). It's old. And it's not what I would consider ideal.

OK. I'm going to stop complaining and be positive since I'm told that's important. I get that all of my complaints are first world problems. I have a roof over my head in place where I don't feel afraid to walk around. The few people I've seen in my building seem friendly enough. Everyone seems to have a dog, so I'm hopeful that Brucey will find a friend or 2 that are tolerant of Mr. Humpy. There are 2 pools which I plan on taking lots of advantage of this Summer. This is my place....not the ideal place, but I have to remind myself that this is a big step in this post divorce life of mine so I'm going to make the best of it. It could always be much worse!

The best part? I'm getting to unbox my stuff that's been stored since moving here. It's nice to finally have MY stuff back! In fact, the kitchen is almost totally unpacked! I'm hoping to be fully moved by the end of the month and hoping to start May as a full time Lakewood, Colorado resident.

Onward and upward and make the best of it shall continue to be my motto!


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