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T-Minus 90 Days until we set on this adventure we've taken on. Time on the bike has amped up. I've been conquering mountain passes and roads I never thought were doable for a "non-climber" like me. I've been picking the brains of some inspirational people who have given me some invaluable advice. I'm coming up with an event "Bible". Figuring out how to raise $10,000. Making lists. Planning. Getting equally as nervous as I am excited. I've started to tell people about what we're doing in an attempt to spread the word because this is so important. Often, I get reactions of indifference. And sometimes I get asked, "Why? What does Noah, a kid who is so different than us 'normal' folk, get out of this?" That's been a really hard question to answer up until now. People don't get it. They don't get WHY.  This experience with Noah is teaching me that differences aren't road blocks. They're small speed bu


Yesterday, I completed my 5th Half Marathon. It was the Colfax Half and it's been on the calendar for awhile. My plan was to push an assisted athlete solo with a local organization out here in Colorado. I'd like to say that yesterday was a PR. That I accomplished another big feat, checking some goal off my list. I can't say those things. What I can say is that it sucked. That it was my worst half marathon to date and that, by the time I finished, I had nothing left. I was dizzy and shaking and completely out of it.  BUT. We finished. I was the only single pusher to a disabled athlete. And it was my first time pushing solo. It was also the first time I had met my athlete, Isaac, not knowing much about him until race morning. We met in the parking lot. His mom got him out of his regular chair and into his race chair and we chatted a bit. She was awesome. Kind and happy and willing to let a perfect stranger take her kid on a jaunt around Denver for a couple of hours.