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Some News

In the spirit of ripping band aids off, jumping into the unknown and proving to myself that I can do things I never thought I could, I have some BIG news.

As of January 2017, Brucey and I will be residents of Denver-ish, Colorado. 

I say "ish" because I'm still working out those details.

A few months ago, I got a random text from a friend who I used to work with telling me that he recommended me to his boss as a potential manager for a shop out there. I took exactly 0% of that text conversation seriously. I also took the next few months of back and forth communication with a grain of salt. The internal thought process went a bit like this (bonus points if you can read it REALLY fast because that's how it would roll through my head):

"There's no way I'd move. That's just too much. I can't leave. I know I said I would, but let's get real...I'm a baby. Why in the hell would a bike shop owner want me to help him run his shop? I'm good here. This guy is gonna meet me and laugh in my face and then it'll be over and I can go back to being a Georgia peach. I can't leave my people. I love it here. There's no way. It can't happen. Nope. Not happening. RIGHT?" 

Well, it's happening. I've accepted a great offer with a great shop in Golden, Colorado. 

Google Golden. It doesn't suck. 

It's going to be a total change of pace, a massive change in the type of bike I'm used to selling and a rather large culture change. It's also going to be a bit lonely, I'm sure. I know exactly one person out there. As scary as all of that is for a girl who hates change and making big life decisions, I'm excited and I'm ready for it all!

I've had a bunch of people tell me that they're jealous...and I would be, too! It IS Colorado after all! Go ahead and be a little envious. I just ask you to remember that the path that got me there...the one that led me to leave my Georgia home was full of pain and hard decisions mixed with more courage than I thought I had.

If you use the analogy that our lives are like novels filled with chapter after chapter of experience, then the two chapters I'm in the middle of are my absolute favorite, thus far. The one I'm closing is 13 years in the Peach State where I, for the first time in my life, got to establish some roots. It's one filled with the most influential people I know along with some equally beautiful and difficult's the first chapter of my adult life, really.

Then there's that next chapter which is yet to be written. All I know for now is that it starts with a girl and a dog in a Uhaul mixed with a lot of excitement and some tears.

Let the Goodbye Tour of 2016 begin!


  1. Not goodbye, well not to us at least, it's see you later! I'm so excited for you, a bit jealous (not of the journey that got you there) and just a tad sad as you'll be more than a 3hr ride away. It'll be great, you'll adjust and be terrific, and I'm cong to visit!


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