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51 Days...

Training has really amped up and has been good overall. I've been feeling stronger and more capable every time I get on the bike.

I've been struggling with some dizziness and feeling light headed on a daily basis. I've had some training rides that have really kicked my ass and not in the good, physical way. In the, holy shit, I feel terrible and out of it and drained, way. Part of it has been my nutrition or lack there of. 

Here's what I've figured out so far...

Problem #1: I have to force myself to eat in the morning before a ride. I do my best, but it's typically not been enough.
Solution #1: Pre-making Biju's Oatmeal from the Feedzone Portables Cookbook and making myself eat it pre-ride.

Problem #2: I apparently don't eat when I'm actively riding and hunger hits within an hour. Every single time. No matter what I eat beforehand. If I DO eat on the bike, there isn't a ton I can stomach. Favorites so far: pickles and fruit snacks. Not exactly the best.
Solution #2: Utilizing liquid calories via Hammer Perpetuem in a bottle combined with small bites when I stop. So far, it's helped stave off the hunger and bonking.

Problem #3: Suppressed appetite off the bike. I know I'm hungry and I need to eat, but literally NOTHING sounds appealing 80% of the time. When I do eat, it's a lot less than normal. I used to joke that I can eat like a 400lb man. Not so much anymore.
Solution #3: Still working on it. I focus on staying hydrated and try to snack throughout the day as much as possible.

I'm getting things figured out and on Friday morning had a great hour and half ride up Lookout Mountain with the trailer. Legs felt good. The heart rate stayed pretty low. Got into the zone and got it done. Then around 2pm that afternoon, I got cold. Really REALLY cold. And lethargic. I was so cold, in fact, that I put my hoodie on and sat in my car in 90 degree heat with the heat on for 20 minutes and could not stop shivering. I left work a little early, got home and got straight into bed because something felt off....and this is the 2nd time this has happened in 2 months.

Turns out, the girl who never ever ever runs a fever hit 102 degrees. I spent all night Friday and most of the day Saturday fighting this fever-ish, lethargic, dizzy feeling. Today there's no fever, but there's still an "off" feeling. Because I have no idea what that means, I'm taking advice and listening to my body and skipped this weekend's workouts. Also turns out, I don't sit well. 

I have anxiety about a lot in general because, HELEN. But the anxiety of this event is continuing to stack up and just SITTING hasn't helped that this weekend. Hoping that this forced rest won't affect the rest of my training and next week's big training ride with P.J.

Fingers crossed.


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