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The 10K That Wasn't

On Saturday, I had a 10K race planned in a 3 part race series that has adorable names like the Santa Stampede and Frosty's 5 & 10.

I signed up for these events in November and Saturday was event number two. A 10K. This would be my longest distance race since March of last year and I was nervous. Turns out, the number 10 and I have some...issues....when it comes to running races.

A little backstory:

About 3 years ago, when I was early in my love affair with The Kyle Pease Foundation, a group of us traveled to Augusta, GA to participate in a race for some of the OG foundation members in their hometown. It was cold. REALLY. COLD. As we were driving to the race, I said very sarcastically, "Who's ready for a 5k?!" (because I was most definitely not) to which someone replied, "Helen. This is a 10K race."

I did that damn 10K. It was cold, but worth it. It was actually one of the first times I got to have some solo time with Naomi and Noah, getting to know them and love them. So, it was a good 6 miles overall...unprepared as I was. Lesson learned!


Fast forward to this past Saturday:

I signed up for the race series alone which I will most likely never do again. Events are more fun with friends. They are also helpful because apparently, I cannot read and I'm sure a friend would have caught a major detail in Saturday's race.

I'm standing at the start line and I hear the announcer say, "It'll be a windy 5 miles out, but the 5 miles back will be great!". I thought, "hmm,lol,...clearly he misspoke. I mean, this is a 10K afterall. He should be better at paying attention. ANYWHO! Let's run!"

I had a great first couple of miles. In fact, I ran my fastest mile to date and kept a nice steady pace. Turns out, that training I've been doing has paid off! 

At about mile 3, I get to a turning point in the race at a water station. We cross this bridge and I see 2 signs:

Left for 5 MILES
Right for 10 MILES

Still, I'm sure there's been a mistake. I stop, grab a delicious cup of water, pause my Garmin (BECAUSE THAT SHIT IS IMPORTANT!) and ask about the 10K. "No, honey. You signed up for 10 MILES."

"The F*$% I did.", was all I could muster. The lovely volunteers laughed. I did not. And turned LEFT to complete my 5 mile race. Alone. Because the 5 mile race was already over and the 10 MILE people weren't anywhere close.

Wanna talk about the most embarrassing finish ever? 

Slow clap. 
"Why does she look so....slow and tired?"

Because I didn't win the 10 mile or really badly lose the 5 mile. I'm just dumb and can't read.

Lesson learned. The 2nd time. Everyone I know (including myself) got a good laugh and I managed to actually do a really good job on my race...keeping the pace steady and getting another PR.

This is all part of the training journey to get Noah and I to the end of AUGUST so I appreciate the lessons, hard learned as they may be.

I'll tell ya one thing: you better believe I'll be paying a little more attention to detail next time around!


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